Monday, August 02, 2010

GPO door closed @ 3 pm on 31.7.10, I was late ! My enthusiasm in Maximaphily with persuasion moved one of the staffs to allow me in to complete the cancellation for my MCs

It was a Saturday - 31st. July, 2010, Normally Philatelic Bureaux throughout the country are closed for the weekend. It had been a long time that new stamps were NOT for sale on Saturdays. This "Brave Warrior" stamp issue set an experimental platform for the Post to gauge on the response from the public on the sales of  new stamps on Saturdays. As this is the "first" time Post was selling  new stamp on a Saturday, it neglected to announce to the public on the business  hour of the day. I am from a different city, I would have to get  the  GPO FDI pictorial postmark on my maximum cards. I thought GPO would close as usual at 5 pm. When I showed up at the GPO at 3.30 pm, the staffs were about to pack to go home. I was told that the business for the day had been closed at 3.00 pm. My God, I rushed all the way to GPO to get a "Kuala Lumpur" Postmark on my maximum cards, the bad news was really a great disappointment to me. I persuaded one of the staffs to stay for a little longer to allow me to have my maximum cards cancelled, with my explanation elaborating with Maximaphily, I managed to move the staff to allow me in to complete my mission. I did  most of my maximum cards at my home town earlier in the morning, however, I needed the "Kuala Lumpur" postmark for some of my other maximum cards. Why do I need "Kuala Lumpur" cancellation, I will elaborate  in my subsequent blogs.
  • A maximum card realised with "Brave Warrior" stamp issued on 31st July, 2010, FDI pictorial cancel @ Kuala Lumpur

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