Saturday, August 07, 2010

Numerous Fake Maximum Cards were detected in the competitive exhibits @ Bangkok 2010

Fake Maximum cards were detected in all the 3 maximaphily exhibits @ Bangkok 2010, this is giving an alarming signal to the Juries on the serious intrusion of such unwelcoming materials in the philately world. The discovery of the appearance of increase quantities of such fake materials in a competitive exhibition , meaning that Maximaphily is getting popular, where the existence of classic MCs is scarce, unethical dealers will try to produce fake materials to make avail to the collectors. Obviously, more MC collectors are looking for classic materials which are really scarce during the period of time. These fake MCs are mainly coming from the Europe. Collectors are therefore be warned to be more careful in the purchase of Classic maximum cards. The federation of philately is ready to take stern action against the increasing Faking activities of the Maximum Cards which are becoming serious in the recent years. Collectors therefore are advised to be equipped with adequate philatelic knowledge to be able to identify such fake Maximum Cards. FIGHT Against Fake ! Well, these fake MCs were mainly created from reprint postcards with original stamp in fresh condition, cancelled with a FAKE postmark cancellation privately produced.

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