Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bangkok 2010 MC creation experience - I used the Penang Kee Lok Si Kuan Yin (观音)Postcard to realise this unique Godess of Mercy MC

It will NOT be possible to have a KUAN YIN - the Godess of Mercy stamp issued in Malaysia,.This postcard depicting a statue of the Godess situated at the hilltop of the  Penang Kee Lok Si Temple (槟城极乐寺) is a local landmark of the State of Penang. The Kuan Yin stamp issued by the Thai Post is really a masterpiece, this miniature art is springkled with glittering dust on the surface the stamp, when the stamp is picked in the hands, I can see the figure of the Kuan Yin glitters in the reflection of the lights. This is really a wonderful Maximum Card to be treasured.
  • A maximum card realised with "Kuan Yin" stamp, CDS date cancel @ Bangkok


msyanwu said...

I love this one too.

Ye Choh San 余曹山 said...

Thanks msyanwu, surprisingly Thaipost had come out with many CHINESE related themed stamps. Very Nice subjects indeed. There was a Fu Lu Shou set of 3 stamps which was equally spectacular, however, I did NOT manage to find suitable postcards to realise the MCs.