Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bangkok 2010 MC creation experience - The World First Thai Silk stamp on MC

Being the world's first Thai Silk Stamp, of course this peacock stamp attracted many stamp collectors at Bangkok 2010. I am taking the opportunity to capture this unique stamp on the maximum card.
  • A maximum card realised with a Thai Silk "peacock" stamp, CDS cancel @ Bangkok


Dorincard said...

Gorgeous MC and peacock! See, this bird species looks like a "designer animal" to me. Created by a designer, by a genetic engineer (God?).
How could this bird simply be the result of blind, impersonal, natural evolution? No, somebody WANTED the peacock to be so elaborately decorated, I guess. :)
Maybe you have a spare MC exactly like this for me. Superb achievement in maximaphily, with a rare silk stamp and personal care in postmarking1

Ye Choh San 余曹山 said...

I have no extra copy of the peacock MC, however, I have the Thai Elephant MC for you. ( check out your mail box in the next few days )