Monday, August 09, 2010

Kanchanaburi Bat Watching - What a spectacular sight

 Bat Watching @ Kanchanaburi, Thailand 8.8.2010

A group of Philatelists from Malaysia/Singapore organised a day trip to the Southern Thailand for BAT Watching. Something really new to me. We were at Kanchanaburi @ 4:30 pm after an approx. 2 hours of drive from Bangkok . The fisrt bat flew out of a cave on the mountain cliff at approx. 4.45pm, followed by thousands and millions of bats in seconds flocking out of the cave. They are setting off their journey to the surrounding areas looking for foods and returning to the caves before the dawn of the next day. It is said that the continuous chain of flying bats proceeds for at least 2 hours daily, just imagine, how many bats are living in the caves? It was really a spectacular sight to watch.

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