Monday, April 14, 2014

美丽的仙本那(semporna) 再有外国游客被掳,蒙上阴影!

 马航客机MH370失联事件还没有任何的进展,又传来美丽的仙本那(semporna) 再有外国游客被掳,马来西亚旅游业重挫。

仙本那多次被选为世界旅游佳地,美丽如人间仙境。实境变迁,海盗活动猖獗, 仙本那近年来成了海盗掳绑人质索取金钱的一个目标重地。为了游客的安全,度假村都有荷枪实弹的军警在把守,虽然如此,海盗魔高一丈,还是入侵来了。政府已经采取适当措施关闭一些仙本那岸外的度假村。仙本那岸外的西巴丹(sipadan) 就是一个举世闻名的度假小岛,自然风景美丽不在话下。

没去过仙本那,只能把它的风采给记录在原图片(极限片, MC)上。这枚MC代我到仙本那邮局走一回了,邮戳还OK! 请欣赏

Semporna - A tourist paradise, visited by thousands of foreigners yearly. The beautiful off-coast islands with pure white beaches and clear shallow waters are ideal for diving and snorkeling activities. The coast of Sabah had been an active zone of the pirates. In the past, fishermen and sailors were reported to have kidnapped by the pirates asking for ransoms. Lately, these pirates were coming ashore to kidnap tourists as hostages. Although, resort operators are employing armed persons to guard the surrounding of the resort, these pirates seemed to escape the eye of the security and kidnapped a Chinese tourist boarding at a coastal chalet. The incident greatly ruins the tourism industry of the State. We are hoping and praying for the safety of this hostage in the custody of the pirates. We hope to see a light in resolving this issue quickly.

I have NOT been to Semporna, however, I had the opportunity in realising a Nice and beautiful Maximum Card, postmark of which was cancelled AT Semporna post office in 2003.

仙本那西巴丹美丽的沙滩和海域 MC (2003,semporna )
Semporna island resort MC( 2003, Semporna )

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