Friday, April 18, 2014

为马航MH370祈愿 Pray For MH370

马航客机MH370失联月余 ,至今音讯全无,世界各地不知举行了多少烛光祈福会,为机上的机组人员与乘客祈愿,希望他们安然无恙。祈福会撼动了世界,牵动了世人的心。我们仍然带着盼望MH370一日的归来。

MH370 has been missing for more than a month, during this period of time, there were thousands of prayer congregations around the world praying for the safety  of the crew members and passengers on board of the aircraft. We are hoping to see the return of MH370.

Pos Malaysia issued a set of personalised stamps on Greetings in 2012. I realised an MC with the "Hearts" stamp using a postcard depicting candle lights in the shape of a heart, which was a common scenerio seen on the many MH370 prayer congregation.

马来西亚邮政于2012年发行了一套个人化庆典邮票。我以“心”邮票配合一枚心形烛光摆设的明信片制作了极限片 - 一个MH370祈愿会常见的情景。

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