Saturday, April 19, 2014

搜寻马航MH370, 各国搜救队伍一早忙到晚 Searching for MH370, Australia Pearce Airbase was busy day and night

澳大利亚 Pearce 空军基地每天清早都有多国飞机整装待发飞往千公里外的印度洋搜寻失联马航客机MH370。 天色还黑暗,搜救人员早已准备前往搜救现场工作,每天如是,无奈搜救工作艰辛,为了寻求一个真相,大家的合作与努力,我们给你们献上至高敬意。

At the Australia Perth Pearce Air Base, aircrafts are seen flying off at dawn to carry out the Search for the Missing Malaysia airline MH370 . Tens of aircrafts from various countries in a joint effort to Search for MH370 aiming at unveiling the mystery of the missing aircraft. I salute the contribution of the Search team.

Malaysia Aircraft landing and taking off Maximum Card

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