Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Satellites were deployed to look for Missing Malaysia Airlines MH370, But in vain !

In search of the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370, France, UK and China had deployed own  satellites using high-resolution earth imaging capabilities, visible light imaging and other technologies to eye on possible wreckage on the vast Indian Ocean. China focused the search with 10 satellites , however, the images of the suspected floating objects did not reveal any parts coming from MH370 . The search for MH370 is by far the most difficult task ever in the history of civil aviation tragedy. 

I recalled the first Malaysian Satellite was launched in 1996 principally for enhancing the telephone and data transmission communication in this country. Subsequently several satellites were launched, and they are all equipped with telecommunication capabilities. Malaysia is yet to posses a satellite which is able to pick up high resolution images on surveillance of the Earth surface.

I created this Maximum Card of the MEASAT I satellite of Malaysia with the first hologram stamp of Malaysia featuring the satellite orbiting round the Earth. 

Malayisa MC of Satellite with FDI pictorial postmark dated 13.1.1996

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