Sunday, April 27, 2014

After 48 years,US President revisited Malaysia on 26-28th April, 2014

48 年以后,美国总统再一次到访马来西亚。奥巴马在马来西亚逗留三天 26-28/4/2014,意义深远。

在大马与美国,有这么一个纪念军人壮义牺牲的纪念碑,外形相似,那就是美国的 Iwo Jiwa 海军纪念碑和大马的国家纪念碑。两座纪念碑都是一组军人齐挺国旗的造型。原来2个纪念碑的设计都出自同一个雕塑家 Felix De Weldon

It is indeed an honor to have the President of the USA, Barrack Obama coming to Malaysia for an official visit on 26 -28 April, 2014. It was 48 years ago when Lyndon B. Johnson the last U.S. president to visit Malaysia in the year1966.

There is one monument resemblance closely in the outlook built in both Malaysia and USA i.e the Iwo Jiwa Memorial (USA) and the Tugu Nasional ( Malaysia ), both the massive monuments were master crafted by the famous Sculptor Felix De Weldon. The monuments look similar, with soldiers upholding  the respective country's National Flags.

Tugu Malaysia

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