Sunday, April 06, 2014

Roses and 14th February

 Malaysia Maximum Card with ROSES stamp issued on St.Valentine's Day 2014

As St.Valentine's day is widely promoted commercially in the local scene, Federal government begins to tighten the restrictions on the Muslims to celebrate the day which is meant for the loving couples. Muslims were told to stay away from any form of celebration as it is said February, 14 - the St.Valentine's Day is against Islamic Beliefs. Anyway, St.Valentine's Day has been celebrated on the 14th of February each year worldwide. I came to know about this auspicious day when I first had my first acquaintance with my beloved one more than 30 years ago. St. Valentine's day had been celebrated longer enough than the birth of this country. February, 14 - A special Date which is hard to be erased from the memory. I remembered the first series of the special stamp on Malaysian ROSES was issued in the year 2003, the date of issue was initially fixed on the 6th February, 2003, a date prior to the Valentine's Day, paving the way for those who wish to purchase the Aromatic Stamps to be presented to their loving ones as Valentine Present, What a splendid idea, I thought! However, Pressures from several Bodies pushed the date of the issue to 22nd February, 2003, making the whole lots of Fresh and Fragant Roses stamps turning stale and fade in the store of the Post Office. As a stamp collector, I bought the ROSEs stamp on the 22nd February,2003 and realised several MCs to keep. I told myself, probably, there will never be another issue of ROMANTIC stamps on the Sensitive date of February, 14. I was surpised by the ROSES II aromatic stamps issued in 2014 with the date on the St.Valentine's Day - February, 14, Although the Canceling Cachet did NOT mention the St.Valentine's Day, however, February,14 is a common date shared across the world. You know, I know what is the special day celebrated on February, 14. As usual, I realised several ROSES Maximum Cards and presented to my beloved one. Yes, the above MC recorded in the history of Malaysia, an official set of Romantic Symbolic Stamps issued on the St.Valentine's Day.   

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