Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rackcards disappearing from the Malaysian Scene

An MC created from a Malaysian RackCard ( Hotlink Mobile advertisement card)

I still remember years ago, there were rackcards (ad cards) available at various locations in Kuala Lumpur e.g Fastfood chain outlets, cinemas, shopping centres . During the last 3 years, these cards disappeared completely from the scene. Rackcards used to be a good source of card supply for my creation of maximum cards, without them, the opportunity of realising good MCs is deprived. Rackcards advertising may NOT be popular and accepted by the local business sector, I can see, on the other side of the causeway in Singapore, rackcards are produced in millions in a year - many subjects are depicted on these wonderful rackcards which are most suitable for the creation of variety of MCs. I will like to see in the future, perhaps, rackcards coming back in the Malaysian scene.

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