Friday, December 04, 2009

Connecting the World - Realising Maximum cards Abroad

Maximum cards need to be created by individual collectors ( unless the MCs are official produced by the postal administrations) utilising postcards available in the market. MCs require the postage stamp to be postmarked at a place of concordant with the subject of the stamp, hence, there is no other way out for an MC to be created elsewhere where the place of concordant is unique. The activity of realising MCs is NOT limited to the country where the collector resides BUT has extended worldwide across the globe with the assistance of the fellow maximaphilists deligently realising MCs for others. Internet with emails play an important part in disseminating information on the new stamp issue and the immediate exchange of mails on the procedure on how to get the MCs done within the shortest time possible. Maximaphilists in PR China are actively playing their roles in realising MCs for other members all over the country at a designated place of concordant. Realising MCs is a joint effort by the members, without the link, many wonderful MCs will NOT be realised. Establish a link today and start to create MCs abroad. The above is an MC created with the assistance of a keen maximaphilist in Taiwan. 

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