Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cheers ! A Happy New Year to All MC lovers.

Cheers to All. A Happy New Year 2010 . Regret to note that LONDON 2010 - the first international philatelic exhibition of the year fails to put up MAXIMAPHILY as a class of FIP exhibition. The organiser for the show needed to be condemned for this as it is NOT healthy for the promotion of philately in general. Maximaphilists should boycott the show at LONDON and giving supports to other shows of the year e.g PORTUGAL 2010. Maximaphilists should NOT be upset with the decision made by LONDON 2010, it is NOT a big deal really, Maximaphily exhibits displayed at CHINA 2009 at Luoyang attracted thousands of collectors , LONDON 2010 is losing on one hand . I shall be glad to see an international show purely with Maximaphily exhibits in the near future.

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