Saturday, December 05, 2009

Endorse your personal SEAL on Maximum Card

A Chinese Seal, is  an imprinted stamp replacing a hand written signature in documents, pieces of artwork and in commercial bank cheques . Chinese seals are inscripted on stones, ivory, jade and bamboo or plastic, and usually applied with a RED ink ( known as zhusha  朱砂 in chinese ). The Seal used by the Chinese Emperors are usually larger in size and they are known with a different name called (璽),

Chinese emperor would applied "xi" (Royal Seal) on all the official documents from the Palace. The commoners e.g poets, artists, calligraphists, scholars will apply their respective SEALS on the masterpieces they produced such as paintings, poetries, books, calligraphy, arts etc., usually noticeable with a RED Square impressions with typical Chinese Characters.  Above is a  Malaysian maximum card showing a typical Chinese Seal . ( A stamp depicting a Chinese Seal is uncommon so does the Maximum Card )

Yes, In maximaphily, one can practise the similar way as the old ancient Chinese to apply a unique personal SEAL at the rear of the Maximum Card to record the ownership who has made effort to have the particular maximum card possible.

I Have made for myself a Chinese SEAL and I have applied with this traditional Seal on all my Maximum Cards, Yes, a small squarish SEAL with my name in Chinese Characters inscribed within.

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