Monday, October 31, 2016

【row, row, row a boat maximum card 摇呀!摇呀!摇到外婆桥】【maximum card 极限片】

【row, row, row your Sampan on a river  摇呀!摇呀!摇到外婆桥】【 maximum card 极限片】

"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream ....", yes am sure everyone heard of the rhyme before. In the past although lifestyle was simple, we lived by the rivers, we enjoyed rowing a boat going around the settlements. No guarded and gated communities, we could hop into anybody's house without any permission.

摇呀!摇呀!摇到外婆家 。。 这首歌谣我们都听过。那是一个人们生活简朴的时代,我们曾经靠河生活,就在河边立起房子,没有围篱,我们可以在邻居的屋子进出自由,我们快乐生活,人与人之间鲜少摩擦矛盾,那的确是个快乐的年代!

Stamp issued on : 9.8.2005
Postmark : First Day Pictorial ,Pulau Pinang
Postcard : Vintage Real Photo Post Card , Singapore

邮票发行日期 : 9.8.2005
邮戳 : 首日发行, 槟城
明信片 : 新加坡老照片明信片

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