Thursday, October 20, 2016

【Putrajaya Mosque by the bank of Putrajaya Lake 布城红清真寺矗立于布城人工湖畔】【Maximum Card 极限片】

【Putrajaya Mosque by the bank of Putrajaya Lake 布城红清真寺矗立于布城人造湖畔】【Maximum Card 极限片】
【2016 International stamp 国际邮票 】

Stamp issued on :1.10.2016
Postmark : Pictorial, Putrajaya
Postcard : Putrajaya Tasik Cruise postcard

邮票发行日期 : 1.10.2016
邮戳 : 图案戳,布城
明信片: Putrajaya Tasik Cruise 明信片

Tasik Putrajaya is a man made lake located at the centre of the administrative city of Putrajaya. The 650 hectares man-made lake is said to provide as a natural cooling system for the surroundings of the city. The lake with several magnificient bridge crossings is a fun filled environment for  holding annual mega recreation activities, family outings, water sports events. Posted here is a Maximum Card depicting the Putrajaya Mosque by the Tasik Putrajaya.
布城湖是一个位于布城市中心的人造湖,占地 650 顷。据说这个湖的设计可以调节周围环境的空气温度,营造一个极佳的工作地方。横跨布城湖有几座设计新颖的桥梁。环境优美的湖畔公园也是一个居家休闲的好去处。这个地方也适合举办大型的嘉年华会。湖本身也是一个极佳的水上运动场地。贴一枚矗立在布城湖畔的清真寺极限片,共赏。

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