Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What's wrong of Maximum Cards being Philatelic ?

Traditional Philatelists used to comment and give remarks that Maximum Cards are being philatelic, I am always furious what is wrong with Maximum Card being philatelic ? Maximum Card was born philatelic, it is no way for it to be postally used, firstly, in accordance to the postal rules, postage stamps are NOT supposed to be affixed on the picture side for posting , so that this does NOT confuse the postal clerks whist processing the postmark cancellation on the postcard. Since the postal rules had NOT changed and will NOT be changed, hence, by affixing a postage stamp on the picture side obviously violates to the postal rule, therefore, the nature of a maximum card is man-made and philatelic in the sense. Maximaphily is a great hobby, it involves extensive personal researches to produce a maximum card. The process from searching for a postcard to  seeking a relevant post office for the cancellation of a concordant postmark is an enormous task to be challenged by other categories of philately. If at all Traditional philately persists to look down upon Maximaphily owing to its nature , Maximaphily is always and prepared to stand on its feet. Deltiology with postal routes qualifies to be a part of philately, however, it is NOT in the world of philately, it stands on its own as DELTIOLOGY. If the umbrella of the Philately world is too large to shelter for Maximaphily, I will like to see Maximaphily to raise its own flag, it is ONLY in the true world of Maximaphily that we talk the same language.
  • A maximum card created with "traditional games" stamp, CDS date Cancel @ Seremban

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