Saturday, September 11, 2010

One Asked : Was there any wastage on the unused stamps from a complete set, whilst you created MCs @ Bangkok ?

Someone asked :Would there  be wastage on the stamps broken up from the complete set which were NOT used for making other MCs?
At Bangkok 2010, I did NOT have the time to create any MCs for the first 3 days of the exhibition, however, during lunch break, I was able to spend a few minutes looking at the items SOLD at the dealers' booths. From my observation, I noted many of the Local Thai booths were selling single mint stamps broken from sets, I knew it was ideal for maximaphilist to pick whatever stamps suitable for the creation of MCs instead of buying them in sets. Further my observation, one of the booths was selling mint stamps with NOT as good condition ( mostly toning on the gum ) at value below face, this was another good news for me, I could pay less to purchase a mint stamp for creating an MC. Yes, the stamp matter was solved, BUT where to look for the relevant postcards ? ( although, I did bring along a few postcards which I thought I must create them as MCs.) Hei, there it was, a Thai booth at one corner was selling many Thai postcards of the 60s/70s at very very reasonable price i.e 2.5 baht (25 sen) per piece, this was another great news for me. On the 4th day of the exhibition, I patronised the dealer's booth to buy up the postcards I wanted ... with 2.5 baht a piece, I still enjoyed further discount on a bulk purchase. I began my journey of searching single stamps at the various Thai booths and had my MCs cancelled by the experienced Thai postal staffs. Well , a fruitful trip of creating MCs.
If there were no single stamps available at the booths, and there were no postcards available for sale, I do NOT think I would be able to create the lot of MCs.

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