Saturday, September 18, 2010

I was at the GPO KL on 31.7.2010 to have my National Monument MC done

On the day of issue of the stamp "Brave Warrior" 31.07.2010, I had most of my MCs done in Seremban ( My home town ), however, I still needed to rush to GPO Kuala Lumpur to have other MCs of the Malaysia Monument Done on a Saturday afternoon. All Philatelic Bureaux in Malaysia had long been closed on Saturdays, I did NOT know the office hours for the bureau operating on the first Saturday, I was late arriving at the GPO. I had to get my MCs stamped as these MCs I was creating were different to those I had made earlier in the morning.  For this MC, I have chosen to use a stamp depicting the National Monument which  was issued in 2007 as I see by doing so, the Maximum Card can achieve a  3 + 1 concordance  . Why do I say 3 + 1 instead of 3 ? Yes, I will always define a pictorial cancel to have 2 elements in it i.e  (a) a name of the post office and (b) a Pictorial cachet . In this particular MC, I will consider it to have a 4 elements in concordance.
I have seen and glad that Maximaphilist "epylim" had made similar MCs on the day of issue. Obviously, "epylim" has  great instinct and interest towards Maximaphily. Congratulations !


Dorincard said...

Perfect! :)

Epylim said...

Thanks. I am learning from you.