Monday, September 13, 2010

My ultimate aim was to realise this Vimanmek Mansion MC @ Bangkok 2010

Malaysia issued a set of 10 stamps along with the other ASEAN nations forming a special omnibus stamp issue in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of ASEAN in 2007. Each of the stamps depicts an Architecture of the respective nation. In 2007, I was ONLY able to realise a maximum card for the Malayan Railway HQ Building stamp, the other 9 stamps depicting architecture in foreign locations of which I was unable to realise a maximum card owing to the lack of the concordance in Place. 

I knew it was an opportunity for me this time @ Bangkok to have this maximum card realised conforming to the FIP rules , hence I was set for the mission to have this particular Maximum Card done accordingly. I brought along with me the Malaysian stamp featuring teh  Vimanmek Mansion , I looked for a related postcard , had the stamp affixed on the postcard and cancelled at the Official Pos Malaysia Booth @ Bangkok 2010. Here it is , a Malaysia Stamp validly cancelled at Bangkok - hence, the status of the Maximum Card fully complies to the FIP rules. 

I recalled blogger "epylim" had a similar situation of an MC to be done i.e the 2010 World Expo Australia Pavillion stamp with its related postcard, the only solution is to wait for  an official Auspost booth set up @ Shanghai one day to have it cancelled officially. It is a real challenge to do such a "feat" ! Good luck epylim .. be patient ! You can do it !


Dorincard said...
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Dorincard said...

I guarantee you, my friend, that there will always be some hardcore traditionalists, including from Malaysia and PSM, that will NEVER accept a Malaysian stamp depicting a Thai building as being concordant on a Thai postcard with a Malaysian postmark.
FIP rules are sacrosanct, aren't they?
To me, what you did is a clever and uniquely satisfying solution to solve the challenge in the best possible way. :)

Epylim said...

I shall take the "challenge" and "wait".....LOL.