Saturday, December 13, 2014

Malaysia First Personalisized stamp 马来西亚首套个人邮票

Malaysia First Personalisized stamp was officially launched and issued on 1.3.2007 @ KLCC.
Sheets of Personalised stamps with KTAK ( Kementerian Tenaga Air dan Komunikasi)were distributed free to attendees.
I took the liberty to create FDCs with these "First personalised stamps" @ KLCC post office.

马来西亚首套个人邮票于2007年3月1日推介,由当时的电讯副部长主持。现场分发多媒体部所制作的首套个人邮票。 我把首发的个人邮票制作了首日封, 在推介礼城中城的邮局盖了2007.3.1日戳。 那正是马来西亚个人邮票的首发日期。

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