Friday, December 19, 2014

It could have been a perfect Maxicard ! 错失了一枚"完美"极限片!

I Received this Christmas Greeting postcard from the Philatelic Museum of Singapore years ago. A very creative postcard reproduced from a 1900 vintage card showing the former old building of the museum which was the Anglo Chinese School. Artist had wisely inserted Santa Claus and his reindeer Sledge on the card creating an atmosphere of  the Christmas season approaching in Singapore.  I treasure the card and thank SPM (Singapore philatelic museum) for the Christmas greeting. However, I feel pity that the greeting stamp selected for the card was a "deepavali" stamp instead of a "Santa Claus" stamp, which would have been otherwise an ideal maximum card.  Did you receive a similar card with a "santa Claus" stamp ?

Merry Christmas to ALL.

一枚翻印自1900 年代的博物馆前身的明信片,片上加插了圣诞老人与雪橇,予人浓浓的圣诞佳节气氛。
邮政博物馆寄出这枚创意片, 还把邮票给贴在明信片的图画片, 盖上了一个博物馆特制的相关圣诞节邮戳,模仿了制作一枚极限片......
可惜的是, 邮政博物馆却在一套新国庆祝佳节的邮票里,捡了一枚"印度新年"的邮票贴上,却没用上圣诞节邮票诚然可惜错过了一枚好片!


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