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【Satay Maximum Card realised with a "Reggie Lee" postcard】 【“Reggie Lee"明信片制作的沙爹极限片】

【Satay Maximum Card realised with a "Reggie Lee" postcard】
【“Reggie Lee"明信片制作的沙爹极限片】

In the 80s, Reggie Lee Designer's Postcards marketed through memory lane were common on the postcard racks throughout Malaysia. Many popular themes were produced and they are absolutely good materials for realising Maximum cards. Reggie Lee Designer had stopped producing new postcards, old stocks are getting scarce and it is hard to hunt for them nowadays. I used to buy up some of these cards whenever I see them,although, they are no longer as fresh as mint,very often covered with dirt.

I had used this cartoon satay man postcard to realise Maximum cards for several new stamp issues in the past.  I am using it again this time for the Hong Kong - Malaysia Joint Issue.

Stamp issued on : 9.10.2014 ( Date of sale :17.10.14)
Postmark : First Day of issue Pictorial Cancel

80年代时期,Reggie Lee Designer 明信片在市场推出一系列的主题明信片。这一些由 memory lane 出版的明信片很适合制作极限片。出版社已经停止印制明信片,存货已经越来越稀有。一般我看到有关系列的明信片,虽然品相不佳,稀薄灰尘沾满面,我依然会购买一些来备用。

我曾用这一枚 reggie lee designer 沙爹人漫画明信片制作了无数新马新邮极限片。这一回还是重用它来制作 香港-大马联发的地道美食极限片,胜任有余!共赏!

邮票发行 : 9.10.2014 (延至 17.10.2014 发售)
邮戳 :首日图案

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