Saturday, October 18, 2014

【2014 Hong Kong-Malaysia Joint Issue - Local Food : Satay 】 【2014 香港-马来西亚联发-地道食物 : 沙爹】

【2014 Hong Kong-Malaysia Joint Issue - Local Food : Satay 】
【2014 香港-马来西亚联发-地道食物 : 沙爹】

I have this "Satay Man postcard" by SW Singapore printer of the 1960s, to a pure deltiologist ,he prefers to keep the postcard in its vintage condition, however, I prefer to give this postcard a new life by turning it into a maximum card as I am a pure maximaphilist. Nobody is right or wrong.
Mobile satay man selling across the streets and alleys had been a common scene in the past. Equipped with tools, a satay man can prepare satay freely at any place. Just as the picture of the postcard shows, I enjoyed the moments of eating satay in an open air environment.

Well, life has gone through tremendous changes, selling satay on the streets is disappearing from our sight.Production of satay is highly commercialised, and of course the original flavour of the satay is Gone. I can now find the fragrance of satay flavour in my Maximum Card. Enjoy!

Stamp issued : 9.10.2014 ( Sale on 17.10.2014)
Joint issue with Hong Kong .
Postmark : First Day Pictorial

流动“沙爹人”骑着铁马到处叫卖沙爹在早年时代极为普遍。一个“沙爹人”载着简单的烧制沙爹工具,就可随处叫卖沙爹。 正如明信片上的“沙爹人”现场烧制情景,叫我缅怀那一年在露天即兴享受吃沙爹的乐趣。


邮票发行 : 9.10.2014 ( 全国延至 17.10.2014 发售)
邮戳 : 首日图案

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