Monday, October 06, 2014

【A wooden Maximum Card - KL international Airport 木质极限片-吉隆坡机场】

【A wooden Maximum Card - Engineering Excellence Project : KLIA 木质极限片-吉隆坡机场】

Numeral years ago, I bought this wooden postcard from a Pet shop in Mid-Valley. I could NOT understand why a Pet shop selling solely pet animals had these unique wooden postcards for Sale ? A 5mm thick wooden piece postcard weighs 100 gm, I wonder whether anybody had ever tried to send such a postcard by mail ? What would be the postage for such a postcard ?

Anyway, I like the KLIA Airport picture on the wooden postcard,i Kept the postcard till the day I realised it as a maximum card when the Engineering Excellence   Stamp issue was officially launched on 24.01.2005. I made a trip to the KLIA post office to have the official cancellation of the "KL International Airport" pictorial postmark.

多年前,我在吉隆坡商场的一间宠物店买下这一枚木质明信片。我在想一间专门售卖小动物的专卖店为何会这么样的明信片出售呢?一枚 5 公分厚度,重约 100 克的明信片,是否有人尝试把它投入邮筒寄出去呢?那邮资又会是多少钱呢?

我喜欢这一枚木质明信片上的吉隆坡机场图画,买了下来珍藏了多年。一直到 2015.1.24 邮政发行吉隆坡机场纪念邮票时,我才把它制作了一枚极限片。我专程驱车到机场邮政局盖了“吉隆坡国际机场”的首日专印。

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