Monday, May 23, 2011

What a world of difference in Judging of Maximaphily Exhibits - A comparison of Results @ Indipex 2011 and other Exhibition avenues

Indipex 2011 shattered the hearts of many MC exhibitors. The judging result for the Maximaphily Class surprised the world of maximaphily. It is no doubt Indipex 2011 is the Dark Age for the development of Maximaphily. However, that is NOT the end of the world for Maximaphily, there are many other avenues for MC collectors and exhibitors to excel and be recognised in the proper manner. I just came to know about the exhibit "The History of Maximaphily" by George Constantourakis which was awarded a mere Vermeil medal @ Indipex 2011, is now crowned a GOLD equivalent in the Court of Honor Class in the recent Canadian Royale*2011*Royal exhibition held from 13-15 May, 2011 - a high respect was given to a Maximaphily Exhibit and an Honour to a renowned Maximaphily collector and exhibitor. Congratulations ! I am glad to note such a fair result presented for a Maximaphily Exhibit.  Again, to all maximum card collectors and exhibitors, I will like to say there are other avenues in this world for the MC lovers to indulge in exhibiting, Indipex 2011 is just an unfortunate event in the History of Maximaphily, the Hobby which is currently picked up by many collectors worldwide, will continue to flourish and popular in the future. Bravo! MC collectors, continue with your work on the realisation of Maximum Cards .......

A GOLD for "History of Maximaphily", May 2011

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Dorincard said...

Bravo, George! :)