Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 8.5.2011 母亲节快乐

Today is Mother's Day, will like to wish all mothers - a Happy Mother's Day !

妈妈离开了我们18月,今年已经不能通过电话给妈妈送上母亲节的寄语了。唯有在这部落格上给妈妈寄上祝福。愿伟大的妈妈在这一天里依然能够听到我们心里的祝福。在这一个母亲节,愿纪念您一生为我们的付出,满心的感谢您!永远永远!Mum  left us some 18 months ago,  I shall longer able to greet and wish mum a Happy Mother's Day . Mum had been the greatest person in my life, she was a shelter, she was an adviser and most of all, she was my greatest caretaker. Mum is now somewhere in an eternal world, I will like to once again wish mum a Happy Mother's Day. I hope mum is able to hear my wish and happy in her other part  of   the world, probably together with Dad. I missed you, Mum and thank you for your years for bringing up all of us. Thank you Mum.

There was no stamp issued in the past in Malaysia to celebrate the Mother's Day, I know there are several stamps issued for this event internationally. I will share with all a nice Malaysia Maximum Card depicting a great mother cuddling her son.  What a lovely scene depicting a loving mother. With this , I will like to wish All mothers a Happy Mother's Day.

  • Maximum card realised with the "woman"  booklet stamp issued on 25.8.1997, FDI pictorial cancel @ Seremban, NS

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