Saturday, May 07, 2011

A total surprise and disappointment with the result of the Maximaphily competitive exhibit @ the recently concluded Indipex 2011 !

Just got hold of the award list for the recently concluded World Philatelic Exhibition "Indipex 2011" held @ New Delhi, India from 12-18 February, 2011, which is appended as follows :

1. History of Maximaphily 1872-1940 by George Constantourakis - 80 Vermeil
2. Classic MC of Turkey Ottoman and Early Republic period by Atabey Ege Tunaci - 70 Silver
3. Discover India by Pulak Gupta - 65 Silver Bronze
4. The Birds in the world by Pierre Vandenhaute - 60 Bronze
5. Der Anfang Von Der Arpadenze by Miklos Laszlo - 75 Large Silver
6. Styles of Tops of the Buildings by Xianli Meng - 76 Large Silver
7. The Artistic styles of Buildings before 1949 by Chang Cheng Wang - 70 silver
8. Memorial by Chih-Ping Chu - 75 Large Silver
9. The World of birds by Sasmita Raut - 60 Bronze
10. Bills by Pradip Mohanty - 60 Bronze

To my shock is the award presented to  the exhibit "History of Maximaphily 1872-1949" which had been showcased in many exhibitions of the world winning many awards above the Large Vermeil medal, the highest being a GOLD medal award @ China 2009 held @ Luoyang. I had the honour to see this exhibit in several occassions and I believed the exhibit had been rewritten and improved before sending to Indipex 2011, as I can notice the title of the exhibit had been revised to include a period from 1872 - 1949, which is a difficult classiscal period for the acquisition of  maximum cards. The author is  always a great supporter for the Maximaphily Class in FIP exhibition, besides supporting the show Indipex 2011, the author is aiming to receive a higher award for his exhibit. The author is a forerunner on the collecting of Maximum Cards and this exhibit he owns is one of the best in the world currently. With an excellent track record of good award at previous World Philatelic Exhibition, how was it marked down @ Indepex 2011 world exhibition? The award dropped from a previous GOLD to a Vermeil, how could this happen ? What is the implication ?

I used to take this exhibit as a "thermometer" to gauge the responses from the MC collectors and the comments from the Juries , and more to measure on the FIP 's acceptance on this particular class of philately. As I know the exhibit which had been written, researched for many years and much time and monies had been spent in order to acquire the many unique classical MCs to put up the exhibit,  all these are for the HOBBY of maximaphily and  for ONE aim - the recognition of the hobby by the FIP.  If the exhibit " History of Maximaphily - 1872-1949" , an exhibit containing 256 MCs from a classical period  deserves ONLY to be awarded with a Vermeil medal, I cannot imagine the many maximaphily exhibits which had been prepared and in the process of writing, what will be their fate when they are to be shown in the future exhibitions ?  Maximaphily seems to be a nobody's child in FIP. Does the Indipex 2011 result alert the FIP on this particular class of philately ? Will FIP analyse why was there a drastical difference in the judging of maximaphily exhibits at Indipex 2011 as compared to the  previous shows ? Perhaps, as I have said, Maximaphily is an abandoned child in the FIP family, FIP will NOT care!

As an enthusiast or fanatic in Maximaphily, I must say, Indipex 2011 hurts many maximaphilists throughout the world. Indipex 2011 gives a discouraging signal to all MC collectors so as to refrain from exhibiting. I must comment on the FIP on the unfairness treatment for maximaphily, every exhibitor pays for the exhibtion ( and it is NOT cheap really ), and the rate applies to all classes, maximaphilists pay for the similar rate of exhibition fee, BUT it seems the judging treatment given was different ! Mind all, if ONLY you are a maximaphily exhibitor , you will NOT feel the unfair treatment existed in FIP ! For an exhibiting fee approx. 50USD per frame, an Eight frame costs 400 USD, think for yourself, is it worth submitting your maximaphily entry for a consolation award?  Indipex 2011 clearly hints the intention of the FIP ... in fact LONDON 2010 had spearheaded with the objection of maximaphily exhibits to be represented in the show, I wonder, how could FIP allow such a discrimination went ahead, if maximaphily is recognised as a FIP family member, how was there a drastical marks difference occured in Indipex 2011, and yet silence in the FIP ? Maximaphilists pay for the similar exhibition fee, BUT, the final treatment of the award is a total difference. FIP rules had NOT changed lately, I am curious about the "NEW" rules applied @ Indipex 2011 ? Can anyone anywhere clarify the great fluctuation of the marking system applied @ Indipex 2011? An answer is needed to solve the mystery of the marking and awards given @ Indipex 2011. I will describe this event as the DARK AGE of Maximaphily and the fact is needed to be recorded in the history of Maximaphily.

Indipex 2011 obviously had planted a BOMB in the world of maximaphily, it does give some indication to the World of Maximaphily the intention of the FIP. As a maximaphilist myself, I still regard "History of Maximaphily - 1872-1949" is a fine collection ever written by a renowned maximaphilist, in the eye of a maximaphilist, this exhibit deserves a GOLD medal and I will salute to such a FINE exhibit ! I will like to further stress that HOBBY is a hobby, Maximaphily is a FINE hobby, Do enjoy the hobby .. the Hobby faces criticism from the TRADITIONAL collectors, BUT as a MC collector, we do NOT have to care about others, as this hobby has its uniqueness, I can see if ONLY maximaphilists continue to create MCs, continue to produce excellent MCs, the future of Maximaphily is as BRIGHT as the burning Sun.

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