Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This card is on the way to Pekan Post Office to request for a CDS Postmark, Will it be back safely ?

This card is already in an envelope on its way to PEKAN post office seeking for a descent CDS Cancel on the stamp.  Will the finished product - the Maximum Card be returned to me safely ? Will the postal staff places a clear and vivid cancel on the stamp ? I have many queries and worries on the fate of this card ... Well, if all of you do NOT see me posting this card again, it must have GONE disappearing forever . I am just posting this unfinished product for a record ... in future, if anyone see this MC, it could be mine . I have my SEAL stamped at the back of the card. Creating MCs is filled with thrill and suspense ... NOT until the finished product reaches your hand, you will never be sure whether it belongs to you !
  • An MC to be realised with a "DYMM Sultan of Pahang" stamp, seeking for a CDS cancel @ Pekan PO

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