Monday, October 11, 2010

Kuala Kangsar Post Office on Maximum Card

Pos Malaysia Bhd issued a set of 28 stamps on "Old Post Offices of Malaysia" on 9.10.2010, it was difficult to find relevant postcards to match all the 28 post offices. Out of the 28, I could ONLY find 3 matching postcards to realise as Maximum Cards i.e The GPO, Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Fraser PO and Kuala Kangsar PO. In fact, the key subject on the 3 postcards are NOT focused on the Post Offices, so happened that the post offices locate so prominently next to the key subject that makes them possible for realisation of a maximum card. The key subject for the Fraser Hill and Kuala Kangsar post card is the Clock Tower of the 2 towns, the key subject for the Kuala Lumpur post card is the Daya Bumi Complex. It would be a difficult mission if there existed 28 different postcards of the post offices and I had to realise them into MCs  on the First Day of issue, that sounds almost impossible! Since, there were no other post cards available besides the 3 I found, I was able to make a round trip Seremban-Kuala Kangsar-Fraser Hill to have the maximum cards done on a Saturday leaving the Kuala Lumpur GPO MCs done by my friend. A round trip Seremban-Kuala Kangsar-Fraser Hill-Kuala Lumpur-Seremban took me a distance exceeding 800 kms and the whole day to complete the mission of realising the maximum cards. It was a fruitful trip with great satisfaction ... NOT a minute devoted to sightseeing BUT solely on the creation of Maximum Card. These MCs will certain leave a great memory in my maximaphilately life.
  • A maximum card realised with "Kuala Kangsar PO" stamp, FDI pictorial Cancel @ Kuala Kangsar

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