Sunday, May 21, 2017

Singapore Post 2017- 70 cent Kingfisher stamp 新加坡 2017 年 70分 翠鸟邮票

Singpost issued a set of stamps on "Kingfishers" .... The picture of the 70 cent is a “Blue Eared Kingfisher", however, the secondary image on the bottom right of the 70 cent depicts clearly a "Common Kingfisher". I was hesitating to create a " Common Kingfisher " maximum card since the wording imprinted on the stamp clearly spells "Blue eared" .... Finally, I still decided to make a "Common Kingfisher" MC. It is very difficult to differentiate the 2 birds .... they are quite identical. Can you see the difference ?
新加坡邮政发行一套翠鸟邮票。 70分的那一只鸟明显是一只”蓝耳“。 我犹疑了很久是否要制作一枚”普通翠鸟“极限片,只因为我看到 70 分邮票下方的那一只鸟,俨然是一只普通翠鸟,因此,下定决心制作了一枚 ”普通翠鸟“极限片。 ”蓝耳“和”普通翠鸟“很相似,真不容易从它们的身躯来辨识。 你看得出它们之间的不同?

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