Sunday, May 21, 2017

Oriental Pearl Sdn Bhd - A popular postcard publisher I miss ... 东方明珠出版社是 70 年代马来西亚一间家喻户晓的明信片印制商

Oriental Pearl Sdn Bhd was a popular Post Card publisher in Malaysia, Many excellent postcards were produced during the 1970 -80s covering various subjects .... This postcard showing an Oil Palm Plantation is definitely an ideal card for the realisation of a Maximum Card of the recently issued stamp of the theme "Oil Palm".
东方明珠出版社是 70 年代马来西亚一间家喻户晓的明信片印制商。旗下所发行的明信片多姿多彩,涵盖各领域项目,体现了马来西亚的多元。 以下这一枚东方明珠发行的“油棕园”明信片,可是一枚不可多得的明信片,是制作 2017.5.18新邮极限片最佳的一枚首选片。

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