Monday, November 10, 2014

【Aga Khan Architecture Award winner - Malaysia Twin Tower】 【马来西亚双子塔2007年荣获阿嘎汉建筑奖】

【Aga Khan Architecture Award winner - Malaysia Twin Tower】

Malaysia Twin Towers was awarded with the  Aga Khan Best Architecture award in 2007. Pos Malaysia issued a Single stamp to honour the award. The stamps were SOLD OUT in a short period of time. Many collectors missed to get hold of the stamp. I was busy making my Maximum cards in the Post Office counter without knowing that the stamp became a popular demand, I was glad that my stamps were gone to paste on numerous postcards and they are all now in Maximum Cards.  Share with all  an AGA Khan Twin Tower Maximum Card.



Karloce Rodriguz said...

Nice, would like to buy this max card if available.

Ye choh san said...

The stamp is scarce, ONLY one card each was made.