Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Maximaphily is purely a Hobby 收集极限片纯粹是个人嗜好

Collecting maximum cards is purely a personal hobby. You see it, you like it, you collect it. It is rather personal. It is your kind of food, however, it may be poison for others. However, nobody can stop you from developing your interest in the Hobby. You like the hobby, you can spend dollars to acquire the maximum cards you like. For others, spending a penny on maximum cards may be an unwise behaviour. You are the master of yourself, the hobby accompanies you for the rest of your life, therefore, you are to decide for yourself on your own hobby and Not others to tell you what to do. You have the freedon to say what you want to say on your hobby,  you can show whatever you want to show on your hobby, others have the freedom for NOT listening to or looking at your hobby. The population cultivating the hobby grows, no one is able to STOP the growth, it is the trend that gears the hobby ahead. It is a reality and fact that whether one likes it or NOT, the hobby is growing, the hobby is getting into the people. I take up Maximaphily as my personal Hobby, it has been accompanying me for many years, No one taught me how to "create" maximum cards, I read an article many years ago where the author wrote about this collectible ( it was not a common hobby picked up by anybody then ), I very much liked the collectible. I did NOT have any maximum card in my custody and had not seen one before ( besides the example shown in the article I read ). I was eager to create my own Maximum cards using Malaysian postage stamps, hence, I began to build up my own Malaysian Maximum Cards collection one card at a time .... No one was selling Malaysian Maximum Card. I develop my own hobby, I do NOT have to please anybody to cultivate my own hobby.

I love the Joy of collecting MCs

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