Saturday, December 08, 2012

A conversation between Ballroom Dance and Street Dance

One afternoon , Ballroom Dance saw Street Dance performing on the street :
Ballroom Dance : Hey, You are NOT performing a Dance, that is NOT a dance according to the Traditional rules.
Street Dance : Street Dance is  my hobby, I like to shake my body the way I like, I do not need to dance in the Traditional way.
Ballroom Dance : Street Dance is new, even if you can perform stance , the Dance will eventually get no way. You will better pick up the traditional ball dancing.
Street Dance : Yes, I agree that Street Dance is rather new, it is no way to compare with the history of traditional ball dance, BUT, it does not harm you if I dance my way, right?
Ballroom Dance : Since you are dancing, you should invest in the Traditional Ball Dance, you can dance your way throughout your life and win competition.
Street Dance : Thank you for your advice, I am NOT interested in any competition, I just want to enjoy my own hobby of Street Dance. You dance your way, I dance my way. I can see Street Dance is getting popular among the younger generations, and Seniors are joining in to Dance as well. Your rules do NOT fit me. Go ahead with your Dance in elegant costume , live music in Gala evening, do enjoy yourself. I prefer my Street Dance, casual wear, rock music in ordinary relax street environments.


dum said...
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Dorincard said...

Excellent parable!...:)...There is more than one good way to enjoy a hobby...