Sunday, July 10, 2011

During its age, airport and aircraft around the world looked alike 当年世界各地的机场控制台设计模样没两样

At the time of creating this MC, I could not figure out the location of the airport depicted on the 80sen stamp (100 years of Aviation in Malaysia stamp), some suggested it is the Old Melaka Airport, however, no matter which angle I look at it, it does NOT resemble the airport at Batu Berendam , Melaka.  Pos Malaysia did NOT describe and give the detail of  the actual location of the airport .... from my collection of postcard, I could find an airport card of the British airways Era which has a view of the airport control tower structure rather similar to that of  the image depicted on the stamp. I could say during the period of time, the design of the airport tower around the world was quite similar.

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Cheng Sin said...

It is Penang airport.