Friday, July 08, 2011

I thought I should NOT miss to realise an MC on Airbus A380 's first appearance on a Malaysia Stamp 7.7.2011 空中巨无霸A380首度登入大马邮票,不制作极限片,实有点可惜。

Just for the sake of realising "100 Year of Aviation in Malaysia" MCs , I detoured from an assignment at Majlis Perbandaran Nilai and shot to KLIA via Enstek country road. When I arrived at approx. 10.00 am, was told by the postal staff, all the stamps and covers had been fully SOLD, as I had got myself prepared with the stamps I bought earlier from Seremban GPO, hence, I only requested for the rubber stamp to have my Maximum Cards postmarked. Airbus A380 - the biggest commercial aircraft in history is featured for the first time on a Malaysian Stamp, although Malaysia has yet to acquire one . I thought I should NOT miss this stamp on a maximum card.  I received several telephone calls to request to buy and service FDCs on behalf, however, nothing can be done .... the set of stamps and covers were SOLD out early in the morning at all the post offices nationwide.

I do not collect First Day Covers, But due to the request from a FDC Lover, I bought the "100 year of Aviation in Malaysia" stamps and covers from Seremban GPO and serviced them @ KLIA post office. A pictorial cancel and a CDS postmark were applied on the FDC.

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