Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Let TIME proves itself the popularity of Maximaphily

Although maximaphily is NOT new, in comparison to the other classes of philately e.g traditional, postal history, aerophilately etc., maximaphily is still "unknown" to many stamp collectors. Take Malaysia as an example, there are thousands of stamp collectors, however, there is ONLY a handful of maximum card collectors. Somehow, I find maximaphily  exciting , I cannot resist to realise a Maximum Card for each new stamp issue locally. I can see a few new collectors joining in the "spree" of realising maximum cards, it is a sign of the hobby gradually picked up by Malaysians. I am sure Time will prove the popularity of the hobby in Malaysia and I hope one day Maximum Card will be the STAR featured on the cover page of the internationally known TIME magazine as what is shown as the MC above , an MC which I had realised with a TIME promotional advertisement card on the "Medical Excellence" stamp issued on 26th April, 2010.

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