Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It has to be YOU to make the first move indulgence in Maximaphily

To realise a Good Maximum Card, one will have to get his hands down to work on a maximum card oneself. There are sweats and sorrows in the process of realising a maximum card which every maximaphilist who had his hands worked on an actual maximum card would be able to tell how "difficult" it is to correlate the stamp, the postcard and the postmark in the finished product. Yes, probably, you may have heard someone says, isn't it a simple job to cancel the stamp on the card, in a matter of seconds, a maximum card is done! I will like to invite YOU to have a personal hand on try to look for a matching postcard, have a concordant stamp affixed on it, and make a good cancel of a related postmark on the card. I will like to congratulate you if you are able to succeed in creating a perfect MC on your first trial. Will like to listen to your experience in the process of creating a maximum card. GOOD LUCK and enjoy collecting and creating MCs.

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Dorincard said...

Hello, my partner/friend! I like that even your blogpost titles are promoting maximaphily! :)

11:56 PM