Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The morning rays in a rubber estate (maxi card) 橡胶园里的晨曦 (极限片)

During the childhood days in the kampong (village), everywhere is nature, you can embrace the nature, experience the sun rises and sun sets. In the rubber plantations, you can see the morning rays shine across the neatly planted rows of rubber trees, what a splendid picture of the nature. Those were the days to remember. The above maximum card captures the old memories of the days in the rubber plantation.
儿时接触的到处都是自然, 你能环抱自然, 观看日出与日落, 看那晨曦穿过整齐排列的橡胶树, 真是别有一翻景象. 橡胶园极限片不难叫我回顾童年的快乐.

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