Saturday, August 06, 2016

【The story of Langkawi 兰加屿的故事】- Langkawi Dataran Helang 兰加屿鹰广场

【The story of Langkawi 兰加屿的故事】

Langkawi is made up the 2 words - "Lang" & "Kawi". "Lang" is part of the word "Helang" which is "Eagle" in Malay. It was told Langkawi was once the land of many Eagles. "Kawi" is a sanskrit word for "Marble", which is found in abundance in  parts of the island. Hence, the Name  "Lang + Kawi" becomes "Langkawi".
马来地方名兰加屿(Langkawi)是由2个字串联而来,即"Lang + kawi"。 "lang"是鹰"Helang"的缩写,据说当初的兰加屿是鹰群的一个聚居地。"kawi"在梵文里指的是大理石,兰加屿这地方也盛产大理石。兰加屿名字的由来既是如此。

Stamp issued on 27.7.2016
Postmark : First Day Pictorial, Kompleks Lada, Langkawi
Postcard :GeMeiLia Postcard

邮票发行日期 : 27.7.2016
邮戳 : 首日图案戳,兰加屿拉达大厦邮政局
明信片 :哥妹俩儿童读物赠明信片

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