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【Wishing All a Happy Mid Autumn Festival 祝贺中秋节快乐!】【maximum card 极限片】

【Wishing All a Happy Mid Autumn Festival 祝贺中秋节快乐!】

2012 Pos Malaysia Bhd issued a set of stamps namely " Malaysian Festivals " (Perayaan di Malaysia), one of the Festivals featured on stamp is the Chinese "Mid Autumn Festival". It is for the first time the Mid Autumn Festival is depicted on stamp. However, I do NOT like the festival being equated as " Perayaan Kuih Bulan " - meaning Moon Cake Festival which is far from the Actual meaning of the Festival. "Zhong Qiu Jie" (Mid Autumn Festival) is the proper name for the Festival.

Wishing All a Happy Mid Autumn Festival.

Mid Autumn Festival Maximum Card
Stamp issue : 27.9.2012
Postmark : First Day of Issue Pictorial

2012 年大马邮政发行一套马来西亚节日邮票,其中的一枚邮票正是华族传统节日“中秋节”。这是中秋节首次出现在马来西亚的邮票。我对邮政把中秋节翻译成“月饼节”不敢苟同。


邮票发行日期 : 27.9.2012
邮戳 : 首日图案

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