Tuesday, July 07, 2015

【Dress Code regulations @ Putrajaya Post Office 布城邮政局衣著准则】 【A Reminder for Philatelists patronising Putrajaya Post Office ; 前往布城邮局的一个提醒】

Dress Code regulations  @ Putrajaya  Post Office 布城邮政局衣著准则】
A Reminder for Philatelists patronising Putrajaya Post Office ; 前往布城邮局的一个提醒】

Went to the Putrajaya Post Office on 17th May, 2015 to realise several Maximum Cards for the “ITU 150th Anniversary new stamp issue”, was barred at the security check point from entry to the Post Office, for I was putting up a pair of shorts. Putrajaya Post Office is located within the PM administrative block , hence, equipped with security guards.  I have NOT been stopped before for entering any post office due to Dress Code enforcement, and this was the first time. Fair and understable, since this particular Post Office is housed in the PM admin. Office,  I will like to remind all friends to take note of the requirement if you are planning to go to Putra Jaya Pos the next time.

Yes, I had to purchase a new pair of long pants at the nearby Alamanda Shopping Centre . PTL , it was the first time I could purchase an excellent fit long pants without any need to make alteration on  the waist and length of pants. With the new pants, I returned to the Pos Office and successfully completed my jobs in making cancellations for my Maximum Cards ……  Just to stick a souvenir cover commemorating the “No Shorts” event in my philatelic journey. Happy Collecting!


是的,折衷办法就是到邻近的alamanda 购物中心买了一条新长裤 。。。感谢主,人生第一回买到一条完全合身的长裤,不论长度,腰围都合身,真奇妙!重返邮局完成了销戳的任务 。。在此贴一枚 No Shorts”纪念封记录我这一次制片的经验。

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