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【Kg.Hulu Mosque and Kg.Kling Mosque, Melaka】 【马六甲甘榜呼鲁清真寺与甘榜吉灵清真寺】

【Kg.Hulu Mosque and Kg.Kling Mosque, Melaka】

Kg.Hulu Mosque built in the year 1728, is the oldest Mosque existed in Malaysia.
Kg.Kling Mosque was built in the year 1748.
The 2 mosques look alike, however, one of the distinct differences noted is the Pagoda standing by the side of the respective Mosque building, the other being the Entrance Arch to the Mosque.

The 2 mosques were featured in stamps by Pos Malaysia  issued on :
1. Kg Kling Mosque on 9.4.2009 ( World Heritage Sites)
2. Kg.Hulu Mosque on 7.10.2012 ( 750 Anniversary of Founding of Melaka)

Respective Maximum Cards were realised with the relevant postcards.
Shown here is a Maximum Card realised for Kg.Hulu Mosque:
Stamp issued on : 7.10.2012
Postmark date/Place : Circular Date Stamp, 16.10.2012 , Melaka
Postcard : Great Wall Photographers, KL


1.甘榜呼鲁清真寺 9.4.2009 (世界遗产)
2.甘榜吉灵清真寺 7.10.2012 (马六甲750周年纪念)

邮票发行日期 : 7.10.2012
邮戳/日期 : 普通日戳, 16.10.2012,马六甲
明信片 : 吉隆坡长城摄影印制

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