Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tolerance - A solution to differences 包容化解之间的不同

【Tolerance - A solution to differences 包容化解之间的不同】

We all have a hand with five fingers, although they behave and look differently, however, since your childhood, they have been getting along well without any conflicts. Tolerate and forgive others bind the differences.


Share with all a maximum card of a tolerating HAND
Stamp issued on : 31.8.2014
Postmark Cancel : First Day of Issue Pictorial

邮票发行日 :31.8.2014
邮戳 :首日图案


ayez said...

May I know how did you get the special stamp mark for your maxi card? Who do we ask for the stamp mark and is there any special place for it?
Thanx in advance.

(I am from Malaysia too)

Ye choh san said...

All the commemorative postmarks are from the General Post Office of Each State, available on the first Day of issue of Stamp.