Sunday, November 29, 2009

Complaint on the NON return of the Maximum Card submitted for World Best Maximum Card Competition

Yes, there have been numerous complaints on the non return of the maximum cards submitted for the World Best Maximum Card competition. I participated in 2005 for the 2004 World Best MC competition and the MC submitted had NOT been returned by the Commission. The NON return of the MC as regulated by the commission has obviously deterred many MC creators to submit their BEST MCs to compete in the competition. Every MC creator knows the difficulty in looking for an ideal postcard to realise for  a concordant MC, hence, with a unique MC created in hand, it is rather difficult to part it for an entry in the World Best MC competition of which the MC will never be returned. Personally, I do NOT understand why the commission does NOT return the MCs to the owner afterall a digital copy will be fine for keeping as records in the files or webpage. I will like to appeal to the FIP Commission of Maximaphily to consider returning MCs submitted by individual collector for the competition, as these MCs are the properties of the individual collectors.  I am sure most of the MC collectors will welcome the move by FIP maximaphily commission for returning all the entries back to the owners, and probably, in future the BEST MCs  ill be submitted by ALL without any fear of being retained by the organiser.

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