Monday, January 29, 2007

Kelantan Moon Kite (Wau Bulan) maxicard 吉兰丹月亮型风筝极限片

记得儿时玩风筝都是很小型的,且都是小孩在玩。马来西亚东海岸的吉兰丹州的传统风筝就是不一样,体形大,一般都是大人在玩。吉兰丹风筝俗称“哇”(WAU) ,有好几种的形态,都很华丽传统。

I remember during the childhood days, kites were small in size and kids were playing with the kites, however, in the Malayisain East Coast State of Kelantan, the traditional kite , namely the Wau is generally large in size and adults are playing it instead. Wau comes in several patterns and designs, yearly there are competitions held in the East coast for the kite flying.

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