Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Dragon Boat Festival - Duan Wu Jie Maximum Card 端午节极限片

Duan Wu Jie 端午节
The 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese Calendar is an important traditional festival of the Chinese in a year- the Duan Wu Jie . Traditional Chinese Rice Dumplings or ZongZi 粽子are available in every household, and socially in the public, dragon boat competitions are held in a grand style to cheerish the festival.
Above is a maximum card realised for a Dragon Boat .
每年的农历五月初五是端午节, 在马来西亚的华族也一样庆祝这一个传统节日 - 粿粽子当然少不了, 甚至还有粿粽比赛. 赛龙舟助兴偶尔也会在一些华人居住的海滨城镇地区举行.
以上是一枚龙舟竞赛极限片 - 马来西亚唯一记载龙舟的邮票.

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